The white and dark grey interface packages, grouped as 4 together, depict Kyocera side brazed packages with a 28 pin DIP count. We bond to 24 or 28 pins depending on the customer’s choice of stress conditions, testing setup, or cost constraints. The white interfaces are twice the cost of the dark packages due to leakage allowances in the dark package. These dips are available with different well parameters where the chip, or chips are attached. A wiring configuration is then programmed on the bonder and wire attach, or ultrasonic bonding is performed. Up to 12 DIPs can be programmed  simultaneously. This saves total work time per lot.

Two other pedestals exist at the present time for the Hesse Mechatronics automatic bonding systems. This allows for additional custom interface packages to be set and bonded to. We can bond to an array of chip technologies and interfaces. If necessary, a custom work holder can be machined to accept any type of interface requiring chip attach and bonding.

Our Hesse Mechatronics automatic bonding systems are versatile on the bonding bed to accept different types of package interfaces to connect high tech chips to interfaces for testing or package application simulations.

All steps in the process of handling all chip hardware are part of the ESD prevention protocol. Our bench labeling, picking, and build locations are all tied to building ground from the floor up through our systems. Each station uses wrist and or foot straps to tie into the grounding grid. We utilize Ion Fans to blow across the area that contain chips or modules, including the bonding system wedge locations. From here the modules are packaged in static proof sealable bags, bubble wrapped and shipped back to the customer.